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“A brilliant, witty, muscular tour de force”

- Thos Ribbits, Musical Talk

“An original musical with plenty of spark”

“[Clydebuilt Theatre Company’s] genuine love for the genre shines through in all the performances given by the highly talented cast. Perhaps most impressive is that, alongside starring as Macbeth, John Paul Liddle has also written, composed, and directed the entire piece"

“Lisa-Jayne Rattray as Lady Macbeth blows our socks off as she arrives on stage” with her “tour-de-force performance”

“Hugh Moore smoulders away, first as a heroic Banquo, and later as his son Fleancé, who struts on stage in sky-high stilettos before performing several references to the similarly named Beyoncé” and his “tap dancing as Banquo is a delight”

- Broadway Baby

“The concept is brilliant – a natural updating of the classic plot, very much matched to the zeitgeist”


“As a self-confessed Macbeth geek I simply loved all this, and was continually delighted by how cleverly they referenced the famous plot twists and soliloquies.”


“[John Paul] Liddle’s original score, orchestrated by Lorna Bailey, is fantastic”


“It’s a humorous and knowing adaptation, but in its own way it’s a thoughtful one”


“The book, lyrics and score are worthy of greatness – I truly mean that – and it isn’t hard to imagine it succeeding on a much larger stage”

- The Wee Review

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