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Vote Macbeth! Fringe Poster 2023.jpg


Clydebuilt Theatre Company's original, five-star-reviewed production of Vote Macbeth!, debuted at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022.

Vote Macbeth! is a new musical, based on the Shakespeare play and set during a modern day presidential campaign. Captain Macbeth has just been named the new Vice-President, but he and Lady Macbeth want more. You’ll learn that early on, because they have a big song about it. Standing in their way are three all-knowing newsreaders, President Duncan, press secretary Macduff, Hecate the queen of all media, and Macbeth’s dashing comrade, Banquo. In this tale of ambition, guilt, murder, power, vengeance, and press manipulation, with an original pop score, it’s up to you, the audience, to use your vote and decide if they get their way.


It’s just like Shakespeare, but with more key changes.

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