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Clydebuilt Theatre Company was founded in 2022 to provide new opportunities for Glasgow's musical theatre community. 

We originally expected to start the company in 2020, but a global pandemic had other plans. After two years of no theatre, no performances, and no singing, we are delighted to finally invite you to come and join us.

We know that taking part in, and coming to see, professional quality productions is one of the things that people love about musical theatre, and we want to provide opportunities and teaching so that everyone can be part of that. Our founders have extensive professional experience in the industry and within Glasgow's musical theatre community.


We know there are lots of reasons that people join a musical theatre company. Some join because they have aspirations to work in the industry; others maybe for the social aspect of being part of a club; some to build their confidence; some to keep doing something they love alongside other jobs or responsibilities. Whatever your reason for joining us, you will be welcome as an important part of the Clydebuilt Theatre Company family.


Here are a few things that are important to us, and that make us unique as a musical theatre company:

Professional-level productions and coaching

Whether you wish to train as an industry professional, meet new people with the same passion that you have, or just perform for the love of it, you will receive professional-level coaching from industry professionals. We will work with every member of the cast individually throughout rehearsals.

Everyone gets their moment

Every show is different, but it can be difficult to be enthusiastic if you don't have a lot to do, and difficult to sell tickets to people if they won't see you on stage. We will make sure that everyone gets their chance to shine on the stage. Principals will be mentored in a safe and comfortable environment that will allow them to feel fully prepared and secure in performing their role on stage. Every other member of the cast is just as important - we cannot stress this enough. Everyone will be given something meaningful to do in scenes or ensemble numbers. These are often the parts that steal a show! We will work with each member of the cast to make the most of their part.

Being part of the creative team

We know that many of the people who come to join us already have a wealth of experience on and offstage, and we want to make sure everyone has opportunities to share their experience.

We will always be looking for new talent to assist and gain experience with us in the creative and production team.

There are also teaching opportunities with our children's company for anyone who is interested, or who has some experience, in teaching singing, acting or dancing. There are also assistant and mentoring positions for anyone looking to be part of our backstage crew. Please contact us or speak to one of our directors for more information.


Understudies are an essential part of planning a good production. Wherever possible, we will cast understudies for key roles in each show. We believe this is an important way of nurturing talent and potential within the company, as well as ensuring that the show must go on. If you are cast as an understudy, you will receive the same level of mentoring as your counterpart. Whenever possible, we will endeavour to have at least one performance where the understudy cast will perform. We will make sure that you are fully prepared for your Peggy Sawyer moment.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

We will be performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2022 and we intend to perform exciting original or niche works each year at the festival.

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