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Do I have to audition?

There is no formal audition process in order to join us at Clydebuilt Theatre Company. We are looking for cast members with a passion for musical theatre, and the dedication required to make a successful and professional production. We believe that everyone has something to offer. You will initially take part in our introductory workshops where the creative team will assess where your strengths lie and which areas we will help you to develop.

There will be formal auditions for principal roles. You will be asked to perform selected scenes, songs, and choreography as the role requires. There will also be auditions in order to be one of our core dancers, who will perform any technical dance numbers in the production. More information will be given for each production at the workshop stage.

What do the introductory workshops involve?

We want to see you act, sing and dance. In order to do this the workshops will involve:

Acting: You will be given a short piece of script. You will then be called in individually to read this with the panel. You may be given notes and asked to repeat it.

Singing: You will prepare a song of your choice. However, since we are a musical theatre company, it would be easier for us to see what you can do if you sing a showtune! You will be called in individually to perform this for the panel. We may work with you on the performance of your chosen song and ask you to repeat a small section of it. If you feel nervous about singing, we will ask you to sing through some music scales with our pianist so we can see your potential and check your singing range.

Dance: You will learn a short dance routine as part of a large group. You will then be asked to perform this routine in smaller groups. Each person will then be given something to work on or improve upon and the group will repeat the routine, implementing the notes that you were given.


Please do not panic about any of this! Many performers consider themselves to be only an actor, singer, dancer. This is a safe place where we are simply looking at your strengths and areas for development. It will help us when we work with you during rehearsals to develop your performance skills and confidence.

What should I bring to the workshops?

For the singing part of the workshop, please bring sheet music, or a backing track on your phone, for your chosen song.

Wear loose and comfortable clothing that you can move in. Trainers or soft-soled shoes should be worn at all times in the studio. If you have jazz shoes or trainers, feel free to bring those to dance in.

We also advise that you bring lots of water!

How do I register for the workshops?

If you would like to join our company please use the contact us form to register your interest. We will get back to you with information on our next round of workshops. Feel free to use the form if you have any questions that you would like to ask us before registering.

How much does membership cost?

The cost of membership is £35 per month for the duration of the rehearsal period. This includes 2 rehearsals per week, covering the cost of studio hire and tuition given over each rehearsal. We keep costs low in order to increase accessibility to participants in our productions.

When are rehearsals?

Our rehearsals usually run every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 18:30 - 21:00. More information on the duration and schedule of the rehearsal period will be given at the introductory workshops.

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